William H. Frazier Elementary School

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Frazier Library Story Time

At the beginning of each library visit, students experience a special story time
at the
Frazier Elementary School Library.         

Every week students visit the library and listen to the library technician read a special book of the week chosen for each grade level that supports and enhances the classroom learning of the students. Most stories at story time focus on encouraging learners' appreciation of the narrative form, in other words, on enjoyment of the story itself.  Students will enjoy hearing old favorites and new stories.

In addition, students are introduced to the wonderful text of information books found in the library to expand their curiosity of new subjects.  Books chosen for the story times are intended to reinforce and enrich classroom instruction. 
Children who are read to and exposed to words (through signs, in print, etc.) also learn about the value of words. In valuing the written word, they develop an interest in and attention for language. Reading with your children also promotes listening and talking, as well as writing and understanding.

Remember the A-B-C's! Reading with your children.
A. Advances creativity

B. Broadens reading interests

C. Creates fun experiences

D. Demonstrates that you too love to read

E. Encourages language development

F. Fosters a lifelong love of reading

G. Generates bonding time

H. Helps teach children about the world around them